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Monday, November 1, 2010

Officially Ended

safetybuttonme giveaway is officially ended. Thanks a bunch for joining and supporting us. It really means a lot to us. <3. We will announce the winner on .....umm we haven't decided. >.<. We'll let you know later. And 1 more thing, we might not be using to choose the winner because we open the giveaway for both our blogshop and facebook and it seems not applicable(?): i dunno~ But worry not because random methodology still be use to decide the winner. Best of luck everyone. v(-o-)v

safety button me
pops up when original seal is broken


nEa FleriDa / nIL said...

fuhhh2.. harap sy menang ;)

wannurfazrini said...

cpt la umum ! wat org nervous je tau ! hehehe

safetybuttonme said...

hehe!! sabar ye semua. baca doa hari2 supaya terpilih nanti. <3

beLLa said...

ni yang nak doa banyak2 neh.. ;p